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Status Update

Express your commitment to clean energy with the sculptural, intelligent Smartflower.

Bold, smart, and easy solar
for a sustainable home

A beautiful addition to your home, a greener life for your family.


Get green, solar energy
without the hassle of installing
panels onto your roof


Compliment the architectural beauty
of your home with the sculptural
elegance of the Smartflower


Monitor your energy
production via the Smartflower
mobile app


Make A Stand For A Sustainable Future

It's time to do your part.

Smart Features


Smart Safety

When strong winds are detected,
Smartflower immediately closes
into a safety position

Green energy

Smart Tracking

Solar panels follow the sun
all day long for maximum
energy production


Smart Cleaning

When the panels fold up,
integrated brushes sweep away
sediment and debris


Reserve Yours Today

1. Select Your Model

Choose your Smartflower system and color.

2. Schedule Appointment

A Smartflower representative will contact you to setup a site visit and schedule delivery.

3. Get Connected

A certified technician will deliver, install, and service your new Smartflower.

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